Una A Rosa Is A Rose - By Adolfo Arenas

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Grace & Ashes is delighted to present a new collaboration with Adolfo Arenas. 

"Una A Rosa Is A Rose" by Adolfo Arenas is an artwork that offers a modern, stylized interpretation of the timeless theme of human interaction with nature. The gaunt clown figure, dressed in a black and white striped top and black leggings, adopts a dynamic, almost dance-like pose, adding a sense of movement and vitality to the composition.

The subject's skeletal features, coupled with the attention given to the contours and musculature of the body, create a stark contrast with the delicate rose she holds. This juxtaposition may suggest a commentary on the fragility of life and beauty, or the contrast between the enduring and the ephemeral.

Arenas's choice to place the figure against a blank background focuses the viewer's attention on the form and gesture of the subject, as well as the symbolic rose. The minimalistic approach enhances the visual impact of the central elements and invites reflection on their significance.

The title, with its play on words across languages, hints at the universality of the rose as a symbol, perhaps alluding to Gertrude Stein's famous line, "a rose is a rose is a rose," suggesting that things are what they are. This piece, with its bold lines and evocative pose, would make a statement in any art collection, especially appealing to those who appreciate contemporary takes on classical themes.


Each piece of this exclusive collection is stunningly hand-signed and numbered by hand in pencil by Adolfo Arenas Alonso.

Printed on heavy weave paper and produced from a graphite drawing that took months to produce.

Large size: 75×55 cm

Technique: Gicleé iris print, embellishment on Fine Art paper 250 grams.

An amazingly shocking grotesque and erotic work of brilliant contemporary art by a yet-to-be-exploited artist who has turned down approaches from agents and galleries worldwide who want to sign this young Spanish artist... they know a genius when they see one.

I would go as far to say he is the next Lucian Freud with a bit of Banksy humour mixed in.

Each piece is signed and numbered by Adolfo, with small elemenets hand-colored.

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