Grace and Ashes began as a fine art and print website and how now started to expand into other areas including yoga, homeware and apparel. 

In order to ensure our prices are lower than Amazon's, we send a few of our items out directly from the manufacturer.
This means they may take slighter longer to arrive but we believe it will be worth the wait, plus we this way we can keep our prices extremely low.

We've been collecting art for about fifteen years now, finding art anywhere from galleries, websites, friends, exhibitions, art fairs, markets, car boot sales you name it. 

We don't have any particular rules when it comes to choosing art other than the art we're looking at has to bring something interesting into the equation.

After being asked countless times by people 'Where do you buy all your art?' We decided to turn one of our passions into a new venture and sell not just familiar prints from established artists that we love but also mix in works from independent artists, illustrators and graphic designers that we feel create outstanding work.