Mechanic - by Adolfo Arenas.

Mechanic - by Adolfo Arenas.

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Grace & Ashes is delighted to present a new collaboration with Adolfo Arenas.

A captivating study of human form and emotion, expressed through the poised elegance of a ballet dancer. The subject is rendered with meticulous attention to musculature and anatomy, highlighting the physical discipline of dance. The dancer's extended arm and poised hand suggest a moment of graceful motion, paused in time.

The use of stark contrast in the piece, with the figure sharply delineated against the blank background, draws the viewer's focus to the dancer's expression and body language, which convey a narrative of deep concentration and artistic dedication.

Arenas's work is characterized by a minimalist approach, stripping away all but the essential lines to convey the subject. This minimalist technique serves to not only spotlight the form and movement of the dancer but also to evoke a feeling of isolation and introspection.

Ideal for those who have an appreciation for dance, fine art, and the beauty of disciplined movement, this piece would be a compelling addition to both private and public collections.


Each piece of this exclusive collection is stunningly hand-signed and numbered by hand in pencil by Adolfo Arenas Alonso.

Printed on heavy weave paper and produced from a graphite drawing that took months to produce.

Large size: 75×55 cm

Technique: Gicleé iris print, embellishment on Fine Art paper 250 grams.

An amazingly shocking grotesque and erotic work of brilliant contemporary art by a yet-to-be-exploited artist who has turned down approaches from agents and galleries worldwide who want to sign this young Spanish artist... they know a genius when they see one.

I would go as far to say he is the next Lucian Freud with a bit of Banksy humour mixed in.

Each piece is signed and numbered by Adolfo, with small elemenets hand-colored.

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