I like gin.

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Introducing the first of my new handcrafted series of only 23 original A4 pieces.

These authentic masterpieces (I don’t use that word lightly), each individually lettered signed and numbered, embody the very essence of art, style and sophistication. 

In a way you're not justa purchasing some art; you're purchasing a far better world for everyone who is lucky enough to look at it via their face.

This is what you can exect to happen when a guest sees it for the first time:

You: Ah, I see you've noticed my latest addition to the art collection.

Guest: Oh, I absolutely love it! "I bought this piece of art to let me know I like drinking gin" – that's absolutely brilliant! Where on earth did you find it?

You: Thank you! I actually bought it from a YouTuber who never quite made it big. 

Guest: I can't get over how clever it is. It's like the art is saying, "Hey, I'm not just a pretty face, I'm also a functional reminder for your love of gin!" It's just so refreshingly blunt.

You: (laughs) Exactly! It's great to have something on the wall that sparks some interesting conversations like this one.

Guest: Absolutely, and the craftsmanship is impressive too! I love how the artist has managed to make something so humorous, yet visually appealing. I think I need to get one of these for my own home. It would fit perfectly above my toilet!

You: They will probably be sold out by now.

Guest: That's a shame, Perhaps I could buy your one for 10x what you paid for it?.

You: No chance, it’s priceless. 

Guest: Must feel pretty good to have an early Bansky.

You: It sure does. 
*beams with pride & joy.


Stef x

Written using an acrylic pen on A4 Fine Grain Heavyweight Paper.

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