Hidromiel - By Adolfo Arenas

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Grace & Ashes is delighted to present a new collaboration with Adolfo Arenas. 

"Hidromiel" by Adolfo Arenas is a striking piece that weaves together the human form with elements of mythology and surrealism. The artwork features two figures and a greyhound in a setting that combines classical architectural elements with a state of graceful decay, seen in the peeling wallpaper and the timeless flooring pattern.

The male figure, leaning back with a muscular, sculpted body, exudes a sense of strength and contemplation. His pose is relaxed yet powerful, evoking classical depictions of Greek gods or heroes in repose. The greyhound, a breed often associated with nobility and elegance, complements this classical theme with its own slender form and graceful stance.

The female figure is seated, holding a glass that one might infer contains "hydromel" or "mead," an ancient drink often associated with the gods in mythology, symbolizing the nectar of the divine. Her posture and facial expression suggest a moment of reflection or anticipation as she gazes at the glass, seemingly deep in thought.

The contrast between the figures' nudity and the ornate backdrop suggests a narrative that explores themes of beauty, intimacy, and the contrast between the mortal and the eternal. Arenas's attention to detail is meticulous, from the individual muscles and sinews of the figures to the intricate designs on the walls and the dog's fine fur.

This artwork would make a profound impact in any space, engaging viewers with its combination of mythological resonance and contemporary realism. It would be particularly resonant for collectors interested in the interplay between the ancient and the modern, and the ways in which art can capture the enduring fascinations of the human psyche.


Each piece of this exclusive collection is stunningly hand-signed and numbered by hand in pencil by Adolfo Arenas Alonso.

Printed on heavy weave paper and produced from a graphite drawing that took months to produce.

Large size: 75×55 cm

Technique: Gicleé iris print, embellishment on Fine Art paper 250 grams.

An amazingly shocking grotesque and erotic work of brilliant contemporary art by a yet-to-be-exploited artist who has turned down approaches from agents and galleries worldwide who want to sign this young Spanish artist... they know a genius when they see one.

I would go as far to say he is the next Lucian Freud with a bit of Banksy humour mixed in.

Each piece is signed and numbered by Adolfo, with small elemenets hand-colored.

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