Dreamland Margate | Digital Download

Dreamland Margate | Digital Download

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The above video is an extract from our youtube Margate vlog

You're buying a digital download to the high resolution photo.


The theme park Dreamland sits in front this absolutely brooding Brutalist building block of apartments designed by Russell Diplock and built in 1964.

When viewed from a specific angle, the lettering of "Dreamland" appears to spill over the austere facade of the Brutalist structure, creating an unexpected and subversive visual spectacle.

I feel like this unintentional colossal sculpture unintentionally holds up a mirror to the duality of the human experience. 

The edifice of Brutal architecture, with its unapologetically stoic and monolithic appearance, symbolises the austere truths that frequently pervade our lives. It’s imposing concrete, unwavering form looms over and antagonises, even suppress the transient nature of our dreams.

The scene essentially becomes a visual metaphor for the eternal struggle between the brutal, unrelenting truth of our rigid reality and the promise of our transient dreams.

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