BlackoutCards 💬 - Family Edition

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- Dream of being closer to your family?
- Regret spending so much time staring at screens?
- Want to spend more quality time with the people that matter most?
- Wish you had a game the whole family enjoyed equally?
- Hope to create lasting bonds & memories?


A box of our amazing Blackout Cards - a set of 250 conversation starters designed to bring families closer.

Blackout Cards break down barriers to genuine communication.

Inside your box, you'll find 250 thought-provoking cards designed to spark laughter, ignite heartfelt conversations, and forge stronger bonds.

Blackout Cards inspire shared stories, unveil surprising insights, and cultivate understanding across generations.

This inspiring, humorous, and impactful card game deepens family relationships, creating lifelong memories.

With no winners or losers and no drama—just meaningful, genuine, tech-free interactions that create memories that last a lifetime.

The cards are currently in production, with printing and packaging well underway.

They're scheduled for release in a few weeks (Mid June 2024)

If you want to be among the first to get a set, don't delay—pre-order your box today.


Don't worry, I've got you...

When you pre-order your blackout cards today, I'll send you 50 of them digitally right into your inbox.

That way, you can start playing straight away while we get your box ready!

So heres what you're about to get.

🥳  A box of 250 Blackout Cards!

💃  50 Digital Blackout Cards that you can print out and play right now 

🚀  A 10% discount for simply for turning up so early!

👪  A deeper connection to your family


How it all started

It all began around a decade ago in London with what we whimsically dubbed "Blackout Nights"—Once a week, we'd turn off all our tech and engage in actual real-life conversations.

I know, a bit weird, right?

Yes, we felt like Victorians at first, but then something strange happened—we started to enjoy not being glued to our devices.

Our 'Blackoutnights' resurfaced during a family campervan trip in Portugal, where an evening of shared questions reminded us of its importance.

Fueled by these moments of genuine connection, I created Blackout Night Cards:

250 thought-provoking questions designed to bring your family closer.

Each card promises laughter, heartfelt discussion, and stronger bonds.

Rediscover the joy of connection and create lasting memories, one question at a time.

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